We’re Basking In Your Backing.

The Verdict Is In: It’s About D*mn Time.

We’ve been blown away by the overwhelming response to our launch last week – the outpouring of support and shared experiences has far exceeded our wildest expectations.  Importantly, it’s further validation that we’re doing the right thing, and there is ample opportunity to support working mothers – and their employers – as they make the significant life transition to working motherhood.

I’ve carefully combed through every comment, message, and text.  Three key themes emerged:

1) I am not alone.  If I’m being honest, I was hesitant to share my story so publicly.  It felt extremely vulnerable, and I was afraid that I’d be viewed as weak, whiney, and a bit too “woe is me” (btw, I really love good alliteration).  But I gathered the courage to hit the “publish” button, and I am so glad I did.  I received so many words of affirmation, kindness, and encouragement – and importantly, others openly sharing their own struggles and victories during this challenging phase of life.

2) Everyone’s experience is unique – and beautiful.  No one story is the same, but all are so honest and beautiful in their own right.  The challenges and opportunities come in all shapes and sizes – which to me, means every one of us has something meaningful to offer up to others.  That is so powerful.

3) It’s about d*mn time.  I can’t count how many messages started with “I wish this had been around X years ago!” I couldn’t agree more, but the good news is the stars are more aligned than ever to give Josie the momentum needed to bring transformational change. The pandemic shed light on numerous challenges for new parents that existed far before its debut, the job market is forcing employers to think not just about benefits, but creating workplaces where mothers can thrive, and we have more channels than ever to share stories, show one another support, and lift one another up. 

So, let’s do this.

Thank you all for your heartfelt support – the Josie team is basking in your backing!


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