Empowering the transition to working parenthood

We believe every parent deserves a dedicated ally during one of life’s greatest transitions

Why did we create Josie?

There are so many reasons, but here are just a few:


of mothers don’t feel emotionally or mentally prepared to return post-leave


of new moms fear they won’t be up to date on the skills required to do their jobs


of working dads feel there is little workplace support for fathers


of employees say return-to-work coaching would have helped them feel more equipped after giving birth and better able to balance work with parenthood

What We Address

The Josie program is carefully crafted to address acute needs during the period surrounding parental leave, while instilling skills for longer-term success in your career and at home.


Emotional & Mental Management
Level-Setting Expectations
Proactive Planning

What is it?

Developing skills to manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions during the transition phase (e.g.. dealing with sleep deprivation)
Examining and setting realistic expectations of both self and others in the context of being a working parent (e.g., setting boundaries, shifting priorities)
Getting out ahead of anticipated challenges and stressors during the return-to-work phase (e.g., finding back-up childcare, meal planning)

How will I benefit?

• Most new parents return to work before they are emotionally and mentally prepared
• Tools to manage (and not judge) emotions keep you from spiraling into unhealthy territory
• Successful transitions take time, patience and practice
• Level-setting expectations helps reset baselines, allowing you to feel more optimistic and practice self-compassion
• Return-to-work comes with learning new ways of being - new routines, to-do's, support structures - that consume headspace
• Proactive planning allows new parents to be more present - both at home and at work

The Josie Trifecta Model

New parent coaching designed to meet your unique needs through live, 1-on-1 dedicated sessions.

Our unique program brings together a Transition Coach, Executive Coach, and Mental Health Coach in a coordinated fashion designed to support, listen, motivate, and guide you through the journey back to work from parental leave.

Josie Transition Coach: Serves as your dedicated coach, navigator, and friend throughout the program while leading the broader team of experts to ensure a holistic, integrated experience. 
Executive Coach:Helps you navigate common career-related questions and changing dynamics while assuming a new “working parent” identity.”
Mental Health Coach: Supports you in developing core skills to proactively manage stress and avoid unhealthy territory / burnout.

What You Get

  • Live, 1-on-1 Coaching program including Executive, Mental Health, and Transition Coaching to comprehensively address common challenges associated with the period surrounding parental leave and the return-to-work
  • Access to your Josie Transition Coach for up to 6 months following the program via text/chat/email
  • Discounted ad hoc coaching sessions with your Executive or Mental Health Coach for up to 6 months following the program
  • Access to Josie templates, tools, journal, and other on-demand content to support return-to-work personal and professional needs

The Josie program made me feel
  • supported
  • encouraged
  • powerful
  • accountable
  • intentional
  • comforted

The Josie program made me feel 
  • supported
  • encouraged
  • powerful
  • accountable
  • intentional
  • comforted

Questions? We have answers.

Who is Josie for?

The Josie program is for all working parents – birthing or non-birthing, first-, second-, third-, time parents – alike.

How long is the Josie coaching program?

We offer different tracks based on your preferences and needs. Reach out to learn more!

What if I’ve already gone back to work?

No problem! While we hope to catch you during the transition itself, we know that’s not always possible. We’ve worked with parents who are a week out from their return or months into it, and they have all experienced impactful and lasting results.

Why do I meet with 3 different people during the program?

We believe in our powerful “trifecta” model that holistically addresses common challenges for working parents. We have found that often parents cobble together support from various sources to address their needs…whether it is mental support, career coaching, or parent-to-parent support. We want to consolidate that for you and amplify each individual’s ability to serve you by working as a team.

Do you have flexibility on the timing?

We believe we have the greatest impact when we serve parents during a period of life that is defined by big adjustments, a major identity shift, and new ways of being. However, we are happy to accommodate individual circumstances as we are able

How are the sessions conducted?

We use video and phone call via our secure app that you will download upon enrollment.

I am home with baby and scheduling is often unpredictable – can you accommodate?

Yes! We have had clients take calls with baby, on walks, while nursing – you name it. We are flexible and “get it!”

Need more information to decide if Josie is right for you?

Do you think your employer needs to offer Josie?

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