Turning working parents into your biggest fans

Addressing retention, burnout, and engagement in the working parent population is a complex issue. We’ve built Josie to do just that.

Our Impact


Increase in employee re-engagement index


Return-to-work + retention at 6 months

Net promoter score

Commit to your employees and they will commit to you.

Working parents are a critical segment of the workforce. Josie partners with you to ensure you have every advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining talent in this population.

Highly Personalized New Parent Coaching.

Tools and Coaching for Managers & HR Leaders.

Advisory Services and Community Forums.

New Parent Coaching:
The Josie Trifecta Model

Patterned after highly effective team-based primary care models in the healthcare industry, our unique program brings together a Transition Coach, Executive Coach, and Mental Health Coach in a coordinated fashion designed to support, listen, motivate, and guide new parents through the journey back to work from parental leave.

Josie Transition Coach: Serves as the employee’s dedicated coach, navigator, and friend throughout the program while leading the broader team of experts to ensure a holistic, integrated experience

Executive Coach: Helps employees navigate common career-related questions and changing dynamics while assuming a new “working parent” identity.

Mental Health Coach: Supports employees in developing core skills to proactively manage stress and avoid unhealthy territory/burnout.

The result?: More effective re-engagement in far less time – reducing turnover, scale-back, and burnout.

Tools and Coaching for Managers, HR, and Other Organizational Leaders

Proprietary training, guides and tools

Our proprietary training, guides, and tools will empower your leaders to effectively support new parents in ways that are convenient to adopt and deliver.

Manager coaching

Our Manager Coaching program enables people leaders to navigate tricky scenarios related to flex / remote work, team dynamics, workplace biases, and performance.

The result: The right interactions, happening at the right times, with the right tone and intent, delivering a positive impact on culture that your workforce is craving.

Advisory Services and Community Forums

We roll-up our sleeves and partner closely with you to develop and implement strategies for building environments where parents – and the teams they work with – feel included and can advance their careers successfully.

Environmental Assessment

Many employers recognize the need for better workplace supports for working parents – but are in the dark as to whether they are doing enough, doing the right things, and/or doing things in a way that delivers meaningful impact. Our diagnostic assessment can help you make sense of what to start, stop, and continue – ensuring your resources are put to use in the best ways possible.

Employee Resource Groups

Sometimes referred to as ERGs, or affinity groups, these groups are an increasingly popular way for organizations to support various employee cohorts. Group charters come in many scales, with the most active regularly bringing guest speakers, hosting live and virtual events, providing access to resources, and more. Josie will work closely with you to design, stand up, and (as needed) administer your Working Parent ERG.

Culture initiatives

Josie is ready to support your culture building efforts in a variety of ways. This may include directly engaging with your organizational culture and talent management committee(s); providing best practice, benchmark, analytic, and data support; providing speakers for group events, and more.

Community Forums

Josie has an expansive set of ideas for enhancing your community ranging from slack chat channels to group coaching sessions, virtual office hours to on-demand resources, and much more. Our experts will work closely with your team to identify the most impactful program options for your organization, and can support you through all phases of design, implementation, and ongoing administration.

The result: A sustainable workplace environment where working parents can commit their talents for the long-term.

Interested in learning about how Josie can work for you and your employees? Let’s connect.