Kicking off a month of gratitude

We still can’t believe it’s already November – with the holidays just around the corner. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we wanted to show gratitude to the many individuals and organizations who have made it possible for Josie to be what we are today.

This week, we’re kicking off with a huge thanks to the Josie parents who have gone through our coaching program. They believed in our mission, showed up ready to work on every call, opened themselves up to new ways of thinking, were unafraid to be both bold and vulnerable, and gave us enormous amounts of feedback and encouragement along the way.

One of those clients is Caroline Jeffers, a Director of Compliance in college athletics. Caroline has been a tremendous supporter of team Josie, and we are so grateful to have met her. Watching her grow and take-on the return to work with such resilience and strength was a delight and an honor. To that end, this week we wanted to share her transition-to-working-parent story with you.

Working Parent Feature: Caroline Jeffers

In what ways has being a mom made you a better leader at work?
I think I have a lot more patience than I did pre-baby and that equates to being a better leader because I’m able to take a step back and think things through instead of reacting instantly. I think I’m also able to draw boundaries between work and my home life better than I did pre-baby, so when I’m at work I’m focusing on work and what’s in front of me so I can focus on my family when I go home. Of course, I have to resist turning every conversation to Amelia, but I’m getting better at that too!

In what ways has being a leader at work made you a better mom?
It’s really important to me that Amelia sees me not only as a working mom, but a working mom in a position of authority. It took a lot of work to get to my position, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons about the kind of adult/leader I do and do not want to be along the way, which have also translated to my parenting style. Don’t get me wrong, I still say “no” a lot, especially when she’s grabbing my hair, but I think overall the skills I’ve learned will help her grow.
What is 1 way your employer has created an inclusive culture for working parents like yourself?

I struggled with being a new parent when I first came back because I worried people would think I couldn’t do my job because I’m now a mom, but I can honestly say that fear was all me, and had nothing to do with how I was treated at work. I was given the time and space to pump when I needed to, and my boss is incredibly understanding when I have to take a sick day or work from home to take care of Amelia. My supervisor also has two young kids so it’s been fun getting advice from him, and he’s been giving us toys his kids have outgrown. It’s a win-win – he gets space and I don’t have to buy them!

Happy November, team Josie! We hope you have many moments this month to pause and feel, show, and receive gratitude.

Hot tip: It’s a fantastic form of Self-Care!

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