Every Day Can Feel Like Bring Your Kid to Work Day When You Work from Home

With the increasing popularity of remote work, many working parents find themselves juggling both careers and little ones under one roof. Even when our kiddos are physically away at school or a childcare center, there can be ever-constant reminders of their presence throughout the work day – crayons strewn across the office floor, dirty laundry piles around the house, the water bottle or pumped milk you forgot to put in their bag – the lines between home and work life are blurrier than ever.

This new reality has turned our home offices into bustling family hubs, presenting us with unique challenges – but also great opportunities to bring awareness to our needs, boundaries, and personal definitions of “balance” and “presence” (which do not need to look like anyone else’s!)  Read on for strategies to balancing business and babies when as a remote worker – when everyday can feel like your kiddo is showing up to work with you:

  • Build Flexible Thinking into Your Routine
    One of the biggest advantages of working from home is flexibility. With no strict 9-to-5 schedule, we can adapt our work hours to accommodate our family’s needs (read: aligning meetings with snack time). To make the most of this dance between structure and spontaneity, establish a routine that works for both your career and your children. This might mean starting your day early to tackle an important task before the kids wake up or reserving specific blocks of time for family activities. At the same time, while structure is great, it’s even more important to build flexibility into your routineThat means building-in mental mantras and backup plans (and backups to the backup!) when things go haywire, giving you a stronger foundation for those days when you’re just going to have to roll with the punches.


  • Create Your Own “Remote Work Commute”
    Switching our brains between various tasks and responsibilities can be so challenging – even if it’s within the same pillar of work or home related activities.  Here’s a brilliant, out of the box idea – create a “remote work commute.”  Bear with us… At the end of each day, “pack up” you bag, close your laptop, and take a walk around the block. Mimic the idea of a commute from office to home.  This activity can help you mentally switch “modes,” shake off whatever you need to “leave” at work, and prepare for time with your kiddos.  Your remote commute doesn’t have to be a walk around the block – make it fun and tailored to whatever helps you shift gears.  Maybe it’s turning on your favorite tune and letting loose at the end of the day or changing into comfy athleisure.  Or maybe it’s a quick stroll in the morning with a cup of coffee to clear your head before you start your day. You do you!


  • Bring Your Kid to Work…Daily
    With the kitchen table doubling as a desk and the living room transforming into a conference room, working from home offers ample opportunities to involve your kids in your professional life. This crossover has brought a sense of closeness for many families, with children gaining insights into their parents work like never before. Kids have a chance to observe and potentially share in age-appropriate aspects of your work (aka mini-interns). This not only fosters connection but also encourages their curiosity and critical thinking skills. They see that success isn’t only about natural talent, but also about perseverance, adaptability, and determination – valuable lessons that go beyond the traditional classroom and the boardroom.


  • Embrace The Blend
    In the midst of managing work and family, we’re often racked with guilt for letting the lines blur. PSA: you’re doing the best you can, with what you have, in every moment. You may find that you judge yourself for allowing work to creep into your brain when playing with your kids, or allowing your kids needs to distract you when in work mode.  Instead of trying so hard to separate these things, maybe just…let it be.  Say to yourself “oh well, it’s okay.”  You may just find this actually helps you be more present in various aspects of your life.  Remember, despite the fact that you are a superhero, you’re also human and sometimes a little grace for yourself goes a long way.

As our home offices evolve into bustling family hubs, we have the chance to redefine what it means to balance business and babies, laptops and lullabies. While there may be bumps along the way, the opportunity to show our kiddos the importance of integrating our professional and personal identities is invaluable. So, let’s keep adapting, growing, laughing, and making the most of every (bring your children to work) day!

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